Steel Hotcakes is a shredding, 4-piece 70's classic/prog/original rock band from the Bay Area.  We are a party band - if your party goers are the type that like prog-rock and epic keyboard solos ("OMG they are playing Court of the Crimson King!") We are also serious about our craft - and just enjoy the hell out of playing together.  Steel Hotcakes has played weddings, bars, clubs, and backyard bbq's, and we want to play for you too!

Steel Hotcakes started at Ex'pression College in Emeryville, CA to play for the 2010  Holiday Party Celebration and just...kept...going!  Drummer Karen Stackpole and singer/guitarist Audrey Howard decided to play a few tunes together on a lark (let's call it..."Steel Hotcakes!")and it was wayyy too much fun to stop. Joined by Rico Macalma on bass and Spencer Nilsen on keys, the four all met as audio engineers and instructors - and their attention to sonic quality is evident.

Steel Hotcakes is not your average cover band: our front woman Audrey plays both Page AND Plant, our bassist Rico is also a virtuoso guitar shredder, our keyboardist Spencer is composing his own rock opera, and drummer Karen "Gongwoman" Stackpole is an accomplished gong-ist and has some pretty good whale jokes up her sleeve.

Steel Hotcakes wants to come to you!  We love playing festivals, weddings, parties, breweries and fun clubs.  Check out our videos or music page to get a taste - and please sign our mailing list for relevant updates!

Steel Hotcakes: "Sound Nutrition!"